We’ve now received a host of official details relating to the upcoming release of Capcom’s popular 2D fighting game Darkstalkers Resurrection.

A compilation of two games from the cartoon-style, horror-pastiche fighting franchise Darkstalkers (specifically, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3), Darkstalkers Resurrection will hit XBLA in “early 2013” for 1200 MSP.

While the games are said to be faithful recreations of their arcade counterparts, Capcom has included a variety of HD filter options and viewing modes. Reportedly, these viewing modes range from full-screen to an over-the-shoulder arcade mode, replicating the arcade experience.

Darkstalkers Resurrection will also utilize Capcom’s acclaimed GGPO netcode, including enhanced matchmaking capabilities, and affording players region-matching, ping-lock and ping-display options. Players will also have the option to save and share replays of their favorite matches, allowing them to upload to either YouTube or to the game’s match server.

Capcom has confirmed that the oft-requested 2D-fighting-game Spectator Mode will be available for Darkstalkers Resurrection from launch.

Finally, Capcom has promised that players can unlock a raft of special content by earning points during regular play or by beating challenges in  Tutorial Mode. Concept artwork, videos and more are said to be among the prizes waiting to be unlocked.