Fable Legends

During the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, Lionhead’s head of engineering touched on the philosophy and technology that will be used for Fable Legends‘ cross-platform play. Raymond Arifianto explained that having one pool of players for matchmaking creates a richer and smoother experience for all involved, and that each platform and its control scheme would be optimized. What all this means is that there is only one Fable Legends game. Microsoft’s servers see it as a single title; this includes achievements, cloud saves, and the aforementioned matchmaking. Arifianto summarized this by claiming that, “Everyone is just a Fable Legends player.”

This philosophy for cross-platform play certainly holds with it great potential for other titles, but the implementation for those games and adoption by other publishers and even within Microsoft itself is key to seizing said opportunity. Shadowrun, anybody?

Source: Polygon