Vengeance DLC

Dead Among Us

Secret Areas (6):

  1. In the early bits of the level after passing the Assassin door (there’s a room with a blue beaker in it) keep going just beyond it to find a secret area tucked away behind a worn out wall.
  2. On the way to the ramp down to the first checkpoint (just beyond the skeleton archers) are three skulls-on-poles, go ahead and break those down for another secret area.
  3. After the four-wave battle is over and the gate goes down, go straight into the wall where another set of three skulls-on-poles will denote yet another secret area.
  4. During the fight leading up to the bridge will be a small area just in front of the bridge with several red barrels (after descending the short staircase). Continue in the direction opposite the bridge to find the area.
  5. Just after the fire dog attacks in that small area to the north will be a frost barrel. Just to the left are some crates, break those and continue on.
  6. Right after the fifth secret area is the sixth one, catch the skulls-on-poles before going south down the stairs.


Secret Areas (5):

  1. Just at the beginning the map goes to the right down some steps. Instead, go the other way through the ruins and crates.
  2. On the way back to the beginning of the actual level, there will be a nice shiny switch to pull and a gate to open. Instead of going through the freshly opened gate, hang a right turn just before the gate.
  3. After the rounded arena battle and the curving bridge is another small room with a door. To the left are some stairs leading to a secret area.
  4. Just after the Assassin door are some steps and a long walkway overlooking an arena. Instead of following the ridge, go south.
  5. Amidst the lava rising sequence near the end will be two lava golems, then two more. Just behind the last two will also be two dogs guarding a blue beaker. Go there.

Treasure Chests:

  1. Mercenary: Immediately after the stairs leading from the small room mentioned in secret area 3 and on the left.
  2. Assassin: Directly after the battle with the red barrels in the middle opens the gate, go through it then just check to the left.
  3. Wizard: At the end of the long ridge just after secret area 4 (after being attacked by dogs the second time) keep heading east instead of continuing down the ridge to find the door.