Boss breakdown:

This isn’t really a boss, but the enemy does have a more boss-like nature than most of the elites in this game. The only true boss comes later, but this guy will show up again. However, unique to this encounter are four crystals that must be broken. Beefed up characters should be able to destroy these pretty quick, but if early on in the game or on the first playthrough, luring the “Gashadokuro”, or Death Knight, to the crystal and get him to break it. Once vulnerable, a couple different attacks will show up. The Death Knight’s first attack will be a meaty swing, very painful, much like the Butcher or Undead Butcher elite. After that he’ll either laugh and his spirit will emerge to fire beams in a short cyclical sweep until punished with any forms of attack. The spirit won’t be exposed for long, however, so the real attack to watch for is the massive shockwave attack. After slamming down the shockwave attack the Death Knight’s spirit can be dislodged with any attack, after which just follow up and apply constant damage.


Challenge Maps:

  1. Will be revealed after defeating the boss.

Heart Containers:

  1. Right when the level starts, head just to the right of the bridge rather than crossing it and break the crates blocking the heart container.
  2. Pick it up after the boss