Contrast -- Dawn and Didi

Compulsion Games’ most recent trailer for its forthcoming download-only game, Contrast, highlights a new song from the game’s original soundtrack. The new jazzy single is titled House on Fire; lyrics are by Compulsion with music by WaveGeneration Audio, while jazz singer Laura Ellis provides the sultry vocals.

Contrast tells the story of Didi and her friend Dawn — an imaginary friend capable of shifting into the shadow dimension. With Dawn’s power, players will navigate the puzzle/platform world of Contrast while uncovering the mystery of what happened to Didi’s parents. With its noir-esque visuals and atmosphere and a soundtrack that’s shaping up nicely, Compulsion’s new game looks very promising. Check out our hands-on preview from E3 2013 here.

Contrast hits the Xbox Games Store November 15, 2013 for $14.99. Watch the new music trailer after the break.

Source: Compulsion Games