Constant C XBLA

Puzzle platformer Constant C will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on March 12 for $9.99, according to an update on the game’s official Japanese website. Regular XBLA Fans reader and tipster @lifelower first noticed the update and contacted Constant C developer 5pb about it. A studio representative confirmed to him over email that March 12 is the planned international release date.

A rough translation of their email conversation reads: “Constant C that you asked us [about], will be released around the world on the same day, March 12.”

XBLA Fans, seeking further confirmation of the international release date, reached out to 5pb’s public relations representative and was informed that the title would indeed be releasing internationally on both Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on March 12 for the price of $9.99.

Constant C is currently available for PC via digital distribution platform Desura for $9.99. The game hit Steam Greenlight in August of last year, signaling that Valve will work with 5pb to eventually release the game on Steam. Constant C was previously announced to be heading to XBLA at some point this spring, meaning a March 12 release would be earlier than initially expected.

Source: 5pb

(Thanks, @lifelower)