Tonight is our Xbox Live Community Playdate. This isn’t a “let’s get together and play”, it’s an official, Xbox Sponsored playdate. We’ll be playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane, one of our many favorites around the XBLAFans offices. Jump online from 8-11PM Eastern Standard Time to game with our staff.

We probably won’t be playing the DLC maps as it requires money to play them, but we will be requiring the multiplayer Tempest Pack patch, available here for free. This compatibility patch (technically free DLC) will let those who like DLC-only boats and skins use them, and people who don’t own the paid DLC can see them. For those interested the full version of the DLC includes three new achievements two new boats, three new tracks, expert versions of the novice and pro boats, and new skins for every boat. It’s well worth the 400MSP, as indicated by our review of it. If you want to buy the full version of the Tempest Pack, you can do so here.

Hit the jump for a list of gamertags participating.