Now that 2012 has begun, the long wait for an XBLA racer of the year has been brought upon us. Bang Bang Racing looks like a pretty good contender for a great racing game this year. From the new trailer, we get a look at the different classes of cars through races and menu screens. There’ll be differences from better drifting to speed or tighter turning. All the car class types can be found after the break and we’ll make sure to drift you details on the upcoming racer when it’s due out later this year.

  • N-Dura Class: With strong grip, good control and moderate speed, this intro class will bring you up to speed and deliver your first taste of nitro boosting!
  • Evo GT: Faster, greater drift around corners, insane acceleration with even more nitro – mastering these beasts is a bit of challenge
  • Protech: You’re going to need some wicked moves to conquer these racing machines – don’t forget to use those brakes either, as these babies can move!
  • Apex: Hope you’re ready for the major leagues as these are the fastest cars on the planet – highly agile but also fragile, requiring the tightest control imaginable.

Source: Gamergeddon