The  folks at Shoryuken who run the yearly Evolution fighting game series of tournaments (usually known as just EVO) are having a charity drive contest to determine which game will be the final one played at EVO 2013 this summer. Most relevant for XBLAFans readers is last year’s excellent but sorely underplayed Skullgirls, which is currently third in the donation drive. Fans of fighting games who fancy themselves players, spectators or both may want to consider helping out a great cause. All of the money raised for the drive goes towards supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The drive has already raised over $32,000 for a great cause, and looks like it will be an extraordinary success for the organizers regardless of which game wins. There are still a few more days to consider a contribution to this worthy cause (donations are accepted until 1/29) while helping to determine which fighting game will step back into the spotlight as the EVO tournament season approaches.

Source:  Shoryuken