CastleStorm DLC

Zen Studios has rallied the troops and is set to administer another dose of fanciful siege warfare to its Xbox Live Arcade offering, CastleStorm. Dubbed From Outcast to Savior, the downloadable content introduces a new Royal Guard faction, a new Hero of the unlikely variety and all new environments for the purpose of claim laying.

Take up arms using new weapons across twenty fresh battles and additional Skirmish and Survival levels, all in the name of total victory against the viking menace, Chief Ramhorn. From Outcast to Savior comes equipped for battle this Wednesday, July 31 for 240 MSP.

If you haven’t had a chance to storm a few castles of your own, get caught up by checking out our official review. If you’re a veteran of the cartoon campaign and looking to head once more into the breach, take a gander at the official DLC announcement trailer below.

Source: Microsoft Studios