Spiders Studio’s next project Bound By Flame is already confirmed for the Xbox 360 early next year. It’s described as a dark fantasy RPG that assimilates much of the gameplay crafted in Mars: War Logs, Spiders’ previous offering, and builds upon that foundation with a bigger budget and more development time.

The premise places you in the role of a cursed mercenary, bound to a demonic being who tempts you with power in exchange for bits of your soul. You’ll choose whether to entertain this pact for shunned power in the face of increasingly deadly opposition, or go it alone, training in the purer ways of the hero. Intriguingly, scenarios and experiences within the game are said to change depending on the entity’s influence over you, altering your appearance in the process.

Combat in Bound By Flame unfolds in real-time, similarly to its predecessor with three skill trees dedicated to the holy trinity of combat, stealth and magic, but expanded to a much a larger degree. On the features front, genre staples confirmed to be making an appearance include: a crafting system to create and improve weapons and armor at both ends of the experience spectrum, the option to customize your character’s gender and facial features, and of course, droves of creatures in all shapes, sizes and levels of lethality.

The first teaser trailer seems to confirm that elves, dwarves, goblins and other high fantasy fare are thankfully missing, opting for a more gothic bestiary with somewhat of a Dark Souls vibe. Finally it should come as no surprise, like both of Spiders’ previous RPG offerings, Bound By Flame looks gorgeous. Hit the jump to see for yourself, and definitely keep this one on your radar.

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