Battlefest logoIf you’re a Bomber-man (or woman), you’ll recall that Bomberman LIVE was notorious for lots of inexpensive DLC that tossed in some new costume pieces to collect and fun maps to play on. Well, it seems Hudson is keeping the fuse ticking with Bomberman Battlefest, as they’ve now put out their second Bomb-Up pack for Bomberman Battlefest!

Bomb-Up Pack 2 contains two new costumes and two new maps. Terrorize the Bombtryside as Were-Bomb, the shaggy haired Werewolf with no respect for dress code. Bomberman‘s loading screen hinted at her from the beginning, and now Nurse Bomb is here to blow away all your sickness- and the rest of you as well.

On the map side, there’s Charger and Future. In Charger, as the match goes on, everyone’s Fire charges up at regular intervals, as indicated by our charmingly childish announcer, until it hits the max (which I believe is 8). The map features a stylish Pinball theme, with pinballs for soft blocks and bumpers for hard blocks. Future brings back the infamous teleporter gimmick. Don’t worry, they did it right this time. Now, instead of a tedious animation and no indication of teleporter ins or outs, the each teleporter is color and shape indicated, with an instant teleportation time, and it doesn’t just take players with it, even a rocketbomb cruising over a teleporter will be teleported. Much better. The map is called future, but features a very retro style, the map is viewed as though through a Bomberman’s face, and the map soft and hard blocks are in greyscale.

All in all a good pack. As a huge Bomberman fan, I must say I’m enjoying both the maps. Charger ramps up the intensity real quick, and makes that fight over Dangerous bombs a game-changer, where as Retro plays with a lot more strategy, making good use of Punch, Throw, Kick and good ol’ situational awareness. Bomberman Battlefest’s Bomb-Up Pack 2 is out now for 240 Microsoft points.