Welcome to theĀ Blues and Bullets review hub. Here we’ll collect our reviews for the individual episodes of the series as they are released. Check out the reviews for the individual episodes below.

  • Episode 1: The End of Peace — “Great start, but lacks a punch to knock it home.”
  • Episode 2: Shaking the Hive
  • Episode 3: Mourning the Dead
  • Episode 4: Behind the Mask
  • Episode 5: The New Untouchables

Blues and Bullets is A Crowd of Monster’s first attempt at making an episodic series. It tells the story of Eliot Ness, a retired police officer who wishes nothing more than to spend the rest of his days working at his diner. Children are going missing, and the police are turning a blind eye to the affair. Life refuses to pass him by, and Eliot gets dragged back into detective life. Taking the law into his own hands, he attempts to find the culprit by any means necessary.