Zombie Studios is working on the next Blacklight game in the series and has decided to take it to a whole new market. They are now releasing it as a free-to-play (FTP) game. What is this you ask; this means that the game itself is free, but they charge you for; visual upgrades, special weapons and some items. With this module recently being aproved by Microsoft for arcade games; may this be one of the first in its format?

FTP is very popular in Asia and has recently started to increase it’s numbers in the US and Europe. This was a business decision they made with plenty of forethought about the game and business.

“With this model we can close the gap between community and player feedback and further development and of the game. With Blacklight 2 we plan to develop a strong and vibrant community where players will be instrumental in shaping the future development and direction of the title.”

Blacklight 2 is taking a more futuristic approach to the combat suits as you can see. In this new installment they will be increasing character customization to the max, allowing everyone to make a combatant to their exact liking. The gun customization will of course be back, allowing you to tweak and change things for your personal weapons.

Source: EuroGamer