Supergiant Games is starting off their new year in style, announcing that their breakout hit Bastion has surpassed 500,000 “digital copies” sold. The game won two categories in our Game of the Year Awards, and was runner up in three others so naturally we’re glad to see the game continue to succeed. Additionally, Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games opened up to Eurogamer about a potential sequel to Bastion as well as Supergiant’s next project. While Supergiant has repeatedly stated that they feel Bastion is a complete experience, they aren’t ruling out a return to the universe. Kasavin states that the world is deep enough to support other stories, but they will only unfold if Supergiant feels the creative desire to explore them.

Kasavin went on to discuss Supergiant’s next title which at this point in time remains shrouded in mystery. What was revealed however is that thanks to the success of Bastion, Supergiant will be able to fund the game’s development themselves. No big nasty corporate overlords overseeing development and taking control of this one! Kasavin once again reiterated that it will be quite some time before we actually see what the folks at Supergiant are working on next. Place your bets folks, it looks like we’re going to be waiting out this one for a while. In the mean time, check out Bastion and keep your fingers crossed that one day, we do see a sequel to one of the games that made our 2011 rock.

Source: Eurogamer