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GamePeople: Comic Jumper’s Sexist Undertones
10 years ago

GamePeople: Comic Jumper’s Sexist Undertones

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The following article may or may not be representative of the beliefs of the XBLAFans Editorial Staff. It has been republished with permission from The destination for everyday artisan reviews. To read the article as originally published click here.

As a side-scrolling beat ’em up come shooter, Comic Jumper had my attention early. The overbearing presentation and loud bickering characters screamed at me to pay attention and marvel at the developers ‘funny’ self-referential nature.

But aside from a few humorous early moments, Comic Jumper failed spectacularly to endear itself to me. The appalling attitudes towards women and the irritating gameplay undermined any potential the concept had. Even the basic premise of parodying comic books fell flat as Twisted Pixel resorted to stone-age attitudes towards the medium.

I found so much wrong with this game that it was a struggle to put my thoughts in order. From the combat mechanics to the writing and characters there was little worthy of praise. Comic Jumper’s soul is about as bitter and relentlessly anti-female as anything I’ve had the displeasure to experience.

I must admit that I was initially intrigued by the concept. Playing as Captain Smileyhead you blast your way through the opening level only to find that your comic has been cancelled (done through a curious live-action sequence). To rectify the situation you must jump into other comics, guest-starring and raising your profile once again to reclaim your status as worthy comic book hero.

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