Ascend New Gods Scenery

If you were looking to start your journey to Ascension early, you’re in luck. A beta for Ascend: New Gods has been announced, and sign-ups begin today. The beta application page can be found here; all you have to do is fill out the form the you’re registered to be selected. You can increase your odds of getting in by referring your friends to the beta; the more friends you refer the bigger your chance of selection. The date the beta begins has yet to be announced, but Signal Studios has previously stated they were hoping to release the beta in April or May.

Ascend: New Gods is a huge single-player RPG that also has an important online component and puts the player in control of a Caos (a giant warrior). The game includes many staples of the RPG genre, including a vast land filled with dungeons, a large variety of enemies that come in many shapes and sizes and plenty of loot to collect. What sets the game apart is its multiplayer, which allows a player to see other players progressing through their own separate world. While players can’t effect each other directly, they will be able to use their powers to send either help or hindrance into each others’ worlds.

Once released, Ascend will be free-to-play. You can find out more from our E3 preview here.