If there’s one universal truth out there in the oft-quoted index of tidy idioms, it’s that, “there’s always a bigger fish.” The biggest kid on the block, shaking down his under-developed peers for the contents of a lunchbox, undoubtedly receives similar treatments the next street over, and so on. A fact that Ascend: New Gods, the upcoming free-to-play action-RPG illustrates all too well with a stable of monstrosities so dramatically scaled they could double for Russian nesting dolls.

It’s tough to really grasp just how varied the inhabitants of Ascend range, from insignificant specks underfoot to sentient towers, scraping the skies overhead. Our friends at PlayXBLA have chronicled this staggering evolution in chart-form, everyone’s favorite form, along with detailed information relative to the size of the protagonist, the Caos Warrior. Keeping in mind, Ascend: New Gods protagonist rises four-times the height of we puny humans, so, it’s all relative.


Everything you’ll encounter falls within six size categories, spanning the poles form “Tiny” to “Titan” with you and fellow players’ characters resting comfortably in the middle of the chain. The prospect of wading through ankle-high villagers as a benevolent guardian or gargantuan nightmare is enough to get the blood pumping. But it’s a two-way street, and that feeling of overwhelming superiority quickly evaporates when you’ve got to scale the trunk-like appendages of a lumbering titan. You can check out the detailed category breakdown in the full post.

Ascend: New Gods is expected to launch this year, with an open beta rumored to be happening in April or May. For more impressions, you can visit our E3 preview.

Source: PlayXBLA