Earlier this year, we brought you an in-depth preview of Nexuiz, a fast paced multiplayer arena shooter in the same vein as Quake and Unreal. Yesterday, the game resurfaced through the Austrialian Classification Database. As it turns out, Capcom will be publishing the game when it makes its debut on XBLA. Unfortunately we still don’t have a release date, but the good news is that you will find a quick gameplay clip of the game from PAX 2010 above thanks to IGN. We’re sure the game has evolved quite a bit since then, but it’s gameplay footage nonetheless. Stay tuned for more lightning quick Nexuiz coverage here at XBLAFans as we move forward into the future.

Source: Classification Database and IGN

UPDATE: Joystiq recently got in touch with Capcom about the recent Nexuiz news. As it turns out, the listing was an error. In actuality, THQ will be publishing Nexuiz when it makes its debut on XBLA. The confusion seems to have occurred because Capcom and THQ sometimes partner in publishing games in the land down under. While further details on Nexuiz continue to elude us, we hope that the trademark being filed means we’ll hear more soon.