Are You Smart Enough? was developed by Latino Soul Studio and was released on Xbox Live March 4th, 2011 for 80MSP. A copy of this game was provided by the developer for reviewing purposes.

Are You Smart Enough is a puzzle game that makes you use your brain on multiple levels. The object is to move the boxes around by pushing them to the predesignated spots on the board. What makes this challenging is that you can only push the boxes to the destinations, there is no pulling and each stage has a different set of walls that you must maneuver around.

Here’s what we liked:

Puzzles – Each stage gets a little harder then the last requiring you to maneuver more boxes. With a total of 32 levels to work through there is plenty of challenge to keep players interested.

Difficulty – This is a great feature as it allows people of all skill levels to complete the game as each difficulty gives you a certain amount of undos. In the easy difficulty players are given ten, medium one and hard none. It is nice to play a game that doesn’t expect you to be the best to get to the end.

What we didn’t like:

Matching levels – Although they make it so anyone can get through the game they also made it so that all the levels after a few practice runs and a good memory can be beaten on any difficulty. There are 32 levels for each difficulty but they are the same minus being able to undo the last level. So make sure you play through on which the hardest level first and then kick down on the difficulty if you get stuck.

No level designer – A game like this is in dyer need for a level designer. 32 levels is enough for roughly a couple of hours worth of fun but to really add some replay value this feature would have been nice. Sitting around making puzzles for your friends to beat or to upload to an online server would be awesome. Oh well maybe next time.

Maze like levels, boxes that must be used to solve each puzzle and your avatar to do all the dirty work this is a fun little game. Short and sweet and very simple in premise yet highly addictive. This game has major potential and already one update which is nice as it seems like so many indie developers get there game published and then forget about it. So if you like puzzle games or maybe you just collect anything you can use your avatar in then this is for you.

Score: Buy it