Just as the House Party has wrapped up, Microsoft is planning a whole new promotion with Arcade Next and it’s bringing a slew of anticipated titles home to our dear XBLA. Starting April 18, every week you’ll be getting an anticipated title from the recent Spring Showcase event and what better way to begin the promotion with our dear friend, Trials Evolution. One of the community’s most anticipated titles will be hitting digital shelves for 1200 MSP and will be the first of the four Arcade Next titles to bring in the newly adopted 400 Gamerscore and up to 30 achievements.

Following up on April 25 is Bloodforge from Climax Studios for 1200 MSP. As Crom, you’ll hack and slash your way through countless enemies, taking revenge for the gods who killed your wife. Our only 800 MSP title is Fable Heroes on May 2 which combines what we love about the Fable universe with cute, cuddly and colorful graphics plus four-player co-op.

But the biggest news from this trailer and one that Play XBLA has been hinting at all this week with its countdown is the hotly-anticipated Minecraft. It’ll release on May 9 for a whopping 1600 MSP, a price which hasn’t been seen in a while. It might be worth shelling out the points for four-player split-screen and online play combined for crazy crafting. If you’re looking for more achievements to grab and more games to play, the Arcade Next promotion is looking mighty fine.

Source: Major Nelson