Smite Patch 4.6 brings a lot of content to Xbox one, including the second Smite Adventure: Apollo’s Racer Rumble, a casual kart racer. As with the first adventure buying, Apollo’s Racer Rumble will unlock additional cosmetic content. Players will receive Winner’s Circle Apollo, Racer Pedestal, Racer Ward, Music Theme and a Gold Key. The new skin in the Gold Vault is intergalactic Chang’e

There are also three additional new skins including Amazon Athena, Eager Rataoskr and Serpent Slayer Susano. Despite early season nerfs to healers, Hi-Rez still views them as slightly too strong and has thrown another nerf at two of the core healing items. Hades receives a slight tuning that makes him higher burst in some instances at the expense of some of his former tankiness. He’s definitely being viewed as a mage and not a guardian now. Ravana received a pretty significant looking ult buff, and Skadi due to her considerable strength in competitive had a slight ultimate nerf to Kaldr. For a full list of Patch 4.6 Console Notes click here


We are giving away 5 copies of Amazon Athena and Serpent Slayer Susano. For details on how to enter click here.

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