Xbox One Football

Microsoft has officially released the Xbox One marketing hounds in preparation for an upcoming November 22 system launch. At the head of the pack, the first commercial for the next generation console chased down televisions nation-wide to ask, “Are you ready for some football?”

The sure-fire spot focused entirely on non-gaming aspects of the forthcoming hardware, chief among them being Microsoft’s lucrative partnership with the National Football League. The TV spot – which can be viewed after the jump – showcases Kinect-based voice control, live sports streaming, the NFL app with fantasy integration and, of course, real-time Skype.

Xbox fans, who use the system to play games, might be disappointed in seeing the spot as another chapter in the narrative that paints the Xbox One as an all-around entertainment device first, and a gaming platform second. However, this commercial is likely the first of many, many fronts in the war for your wallet, and targeted specifically at the massive football-oriented audience tuned in for last week’s NFL season opener.

Source: Xbox via IGN