Hello guys. Today, here at XBLA Fans and across the Involved Fans network, we are proud to announce our forums are launching publicly!

Involved Fans has always been about community. After all, we too are fans. We embrace open discussion and value everyone’s thoughts and opinions. From favorite games to price disputes to improvement suggestions, we love listening to the ways gamers think and communicate today.

There are four major forums pertaining to our four sister sites within our Involved Fans network. In addition, we have a forum for retail discussion and a junkyard for anything and everything that floats your boat. There’s a neat little feature that tracks gamerscore for Xbox players, and as forum tradition, you rank up based on how often you post, what threads you create, etc. Also, because we all love each other, you can befriend each other and create groups.

Sign on up, chat with the community, and we’d appreciate any feedback you want to give. Enjoy!