There exists a game, somewhere between retail and downloadable market space, where the darkness is strong. The Taken are getting more powerful than ever before, and the darkness must be stopped. Thankfully, the Champion of Light is equipped with this guide, as brought to you by Shawn Saris and Todd Schlickbernd. The darkness may have scattered the manuscript pages to the winds, but we’ve found them all.

These tips are all written out in reference to the videos we’ve taken. Each video is not just a collectable guide but a walkthrough of the entire game, so beware as there will be spoilers. Writing wise, each collectable follows the previous one, using the compass for guidance as well as important plot points. If you have trouble finding any of them based on the text and have no access to the video for some reason, please let us know at

If you haven’t picked up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and aren’t sure if you should, check out our review of it here. You don’t need to have played the first game to play this one, and for the most part if you watch our videos Shawn does a great job of explaining some things that happened in the first game and their relevance to events in this one.


Chapter 1Video

Chapter 2Video

Chapter 3Video

Chapter 4Video

Chapter 5Video

Chapter 6Video

Chapter 7Video

Chapter 8Video

Chapter 9Video

Fight ’til Dawn

Survival and Score StrategiesVideo

We hope you’ve made excellent use of this guide for this fantastic game. Do enjoy your gamerscore.