The Appearance of Mr. Scratch – (1:30)

Off to the right of the oil tower next to the stall there. Pretty easy to find.

My Best Friend – (2:45)

On the way down the mountain (hugging the south wall) you’ll come to the large overhang where you had to divert last time during the fire. There’s a large building there just below you and a manuscript page it off to the right.

Rodman and the Old Gods #5 – (5:50)

The same radio you turned on last time at the motel.

Night Springs, the Cult TV Show – (6:10)

Head through the south exit from the motel courtyard, then hang a right (west) behind the bus where a manuscript page is.

Mr. Scratch TV #4 – (7:00)

Same TV as last time next to the trailer, check it out.

Night Springs, Arizona – (9:00)

Head south from the trailer into the ditch and across it. There’s a manuscript page along a fence post there.

Emma Sloan – (13:15)

Head back to the diner, there’s a page sitting on one of the tables in front of the diner.

Wake’s Friends – (20:00)

The last page is right over in that Motel room, you’ve seen it all throughout this chapter.