Rodman and the Old Gods of Asgard #2 – (0:50)

After you unlock the gate, hang a quick left into the security booth. Inside is a radio, flip that switch and enjoy the show.

Success – (1:20)

Exit the security booth and head towards the fire truck. At the far end of it is a manuscript page.

Fighting the Taken – (2:50)

Just beyond the security area up the path to the observatory you’ll encounter some more Taken. They’ll come out of a complex to the west of the path, enter it after you deal with them and you’ll see a very shiny manuscript page.

Spiders – (4:30)

Head back up the path towards the observatory building. Furthest from the trail near the white container is a manuscript page.

The Genesis of Mr. Scratch – (6:25)

Continue past the observatory down the road (past that small building to the southwest). A second building to the south of the road will have Taken a few Taken coming out of it. On the porch of the building is a manuscript page.

Pressure – (8:15)

Return to the observatory. Remember the white container? Go to it, then head west back behind the observatory to find a manuscript page.

Mr. Scratch TV #2 – (10:30)

After you enter the observatory there’s a TV just in front of the stairs. Turn it on.