Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath (AMMO) is a 2D deathmatch game featuring weapons such as rockets, guns, and the trusty sack of oranges. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, climb in a car to get some vehicular homicide kills! The cast includes Agent MOO, Hippies, Dinosaurs, and members of the video game blogging community such as Mr. Destructoid, Ron Workman and Cheapy D. The game features an original soundtrack by I KILL PXLS.

AMMO is now available on the XBOX Live Indie Games Marketplace for 240 points. It has been developed in Microsoft’s XNA game programming platform.

So how does Agent MOO stack up against other Xbox Live Indie Games? Well you are going to have to click read more to find out.

I will be bluntly honest when I  say that I have played better 2d death match/ fighting games.   There are some good points the game holds over other XBLIG titles.  Even though it does have a one or two finer points that give it a leg up over other XBLIG titles, it suffers with other flaws.

What I Liked:

16 player Xbox Live Play:  Agent MOO boasts having the ability to be played over Xbox Live with 15 other players.  This is the first indie title that I have seen that actually has this ability.  Sadly, when I went online to play the game, there were no other games out there to join.  I hosted up a game for people to join, and after about an hour of sitting and waiting, there were no takers.  This leaves me wondering if the option really works or not.  I am hoping it does.  I am also hoping that other indie game developers, that do multiplayer games, would tap into this feature.

Moochievements:  In another words, achievements.  I enjoy Indie games that put in their own incarnations of achievements.  I am hoping that Microsoft catches onto this and allows indie developers to have achievements that add to our gamer score.

What I Didn’t Like:

Graphics and Animations:  Sadly animations are severely lacking in this game, which takes away from the graphics.   I understand they are hand drawn, but though could have been done a bit better.  I feel this takes away from the game as well.   In my opinion it could have used a little more work because it feels a bit rushed to me.

Controls:  They just aren’t as tight as I would expect for a death match style game.  One could also call me spoiled when I have played other XBLIG games that have extremely tight controls.  That being said, it can also be expected that al XBLIG games should have tight controls.  It’s within the tools that XNA offer developers.  Just like the graphics and animations, the controls could have used a lot more polishing and a little more time in working on them.

Price tag:  240MS Points for this title is too much.  There are better titles in the XBLIG marketplace for cheaper that will give you many more hours of enjoyment.

Personally I feel the game is lacking in most regards and it really could use more work.  From what I know about the developer this is the very first attempt.  As a first attempt it’s a good starting point and if he takes the game back into development and polishes the controls more, fixes up the animations and graphics, the game would be much better.

Score: Skip It.