Adventures of Pip 8-bit

Adventures of Pip‘s release date has slipped into summer, developer Tic Toc Games has announced. Prior to this delay, the pixelized platformer was originally planned for a release later this month.

It’s unclear exactly when Pip will arrive on Xbox One, but Tic Toc tweeted on Tuesday that it was targeting a mid-June release for the Steam and Wii U versions of its game. The developer followed that up with tweets stating it does not anticipate the Wii U and Steam delay affecting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions and that there was no information to share regarding Xbox and PlayStation dates.

However, in response to an XBLA Fans email, a Tic Toc representative confirmed that “All platforms are looking at a summer 2015 release at this moment.” The representative added that June is the goal for all platforms, but that no official date has been established as of yet.

Source: @TicTocGames