Visual Attack Formation has posted a couple of incredibly interesting articles about the art of Outland and Bastion. Both games are renowned for their art style, and these articles present a look into aspects of the game that most people have praised but glossed over (at least compared to the writer over at Vis Atk Frm). In the Bastion article there is an interview with the art director and the writer/level designer in which they talk about how they created the language and the overall feel of the game. The discussion includes topics such as the idea of the strength of the pre-Calamity Caelondian empire, and how this effected the design of the language and the world as a whole. The Outland article features an in-depth look at the possible influences of the Outland team, discussing everything from ancient Chinese shadow puppetry to 1920’s movies. It’s an interesting look at an art style that existed and evolved over thousands of years before its use in Outland. Both articles are great reads, and are something a bit different for those of you looking for something a little more intellectual in your videogame news. For more on these games, check out our review of Outland and our review of Bastion.