That’s right, in a few hours you will be the new owner of a 2010 Fall Update 360 Dashboard! Want to know what you are getting with this great deal? Well come on down and read our bullet-points!

So, here is what the new update entails:

  • Support for ESPN3 via Xbox Live. Meaning you can watch live sports programs (if your ISP supports it!)
  • Search function added to Netflix.You no longer have to go on the PC to add all the episodes of Sex and the City to your queue!
  • Upgraded voice quality for in-game and party chat. Maybe next year they will phase out prepubescent singing?
  • Avatar art-style redesigned to be more similar to the human form, to better support Kinect. Which comes out on the 4th…
  • Kinect support! Now you can navigate menus with your voice (“Xbox, play game.”) and with your hands Minority Report style.
  • Completely new GUI.

Now some of us (me!) have been using this for awhile, because of a beta program launched about a month ago, and let me say that you are in for a treat. Especially with the search function on Netflix, love it! Let us know in the comments how much you love the new update.

UPDATE: It seems that due to the large amount of people trying to download the update many people are being disconnected when trying to download it. Xbox Support says that just keep trying every 30 minutes, and you will get it eventually.