Scott Pilgrim v.s. The World hit theaters on August 13th with an alright but shockingly low opening weekend at the box office.  The XBLA adaptation of Scott Pilgrim was released on August 25th, with NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!  The movie and game are good, but with the unseen multiplayer and a troublesome movie-goer idiotism(people who go see Vampires Suck instead)… Pilgrim won’t hit the greatness level that it deserves.  But fortunately, if you do have the XBLA title, you can enter in some mode codes to create your own epic of epic epicness.

For Zombie Survival Mode enter(on the main title screen) – Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right

For Boss Rush Mode enter(also on the main title screen) – Right, Right, B, Right Bumper, Right, Right, B, Right Bumper

For Blood Code Mode enter(again, on the main title screen) – A, B, A, X, A, B, B

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