The Fantastic Four table for Pinball FX 2 was developed by Zen Studios and retails for 240MSP. A copy was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Marvel Comics and Zen Studios have teamed up to bring us the newest pinball table to the Marvel Pinball series of tables. The Fantastic Four table is was chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the superhero team. While this table obviously differentiates itself from the rest by its theme it still retains the great gameplay and cinematic moments that players come to expect from a Zen Studios table.

Here’s what we liked:

Well implemented theme – The primary distinguishing factor for any table is its theme, and this one does a great job personifying the Fantastic Four. The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch are all fully modeled and animated in their classic costumes. They all have voiceovers as well. The overall look and presentation for the table is top notch.

Fast gameplay – The gameplay on this table is fast and never feels boring. Lots of well placed ramps and bumpers keep the action coming quickly. Moments where the characters interact with the ball or each other never feel slow or unnecessary, either.

Entertaining missions – The missions are the main means of scoring high in the game. Each superhero has their own missions and completing them is also the only way to advance the story, that is if you can give way that a pinball game can have one. It is great fun to watch the Thing punch Dr. Doom when you complete part of his mission. It really spices things up.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Frustrating mandatory shot – To activate any mission you first have to shoot the ball into the Baxter building which is all the way in the back. It’s a pretty precise shot with lots of obstacles to get in the way. Sometime this shot seems as easy as could be, but other times it is impossible to get anything going at all. It can be a real drag trying over and over to hit that shot just to get the game going.

The Fantastic Four table really is a beauty to look at and it’s lots of fun to play too. With high scoring potential and plenty of challenge there’s something here for any pinball fan. It is clearly a must buy for the Pinball FX 2 crowd. But it has enough character and fun to win over a new fan as well.

Score: Try it