Until a month ago I had never played Castle Crashers. This was always a painful admission on my part given my position within the industry, but I finally resolved the issue and sat down and played the game. I loved it (as did Ross). If you haven’t played Castle Crashers we highly recommend you check it out. We have some awesome guides (animal orbscharacters and items) to help you out.

Here is your challenge: Tell us what game you hate to admit you haven’t played.

To enter either post on our Facebook wall, tweet us @xblafans #BrawlerWeek and/or leave a comment here to enter. For those of you overachievers, we will count each of those as one separate entry to win this challenges prize: a Shank XBLA Code.

As always the sites contest rules can be read here.

We just shipped out the code to our winner! Congrats!