By now you know the drill. Another bundle with a short expiration date serves up three Xbox Live Arcade games for one low price. This time, it’s the Be A Hero Bundle which includes TorchlightSouth Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! and Fire Pro Wrestling. All three games can be had for 1200 MSP, compared to the individually-priced sum of 2800 MSP.

Torchlight is a golden oldie; almost single-handedly responsible for bringing quality dungeon crawlers to Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a classic, and a favorite, and at its regular price of 1200 MSP, you’re getting two games for free with its purchase through this bundle.

South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! is a relic by digital download standards. If Torchlight is a golden oldie, South Park is a venerable fossil; giving you the chance to live out a day in the titular mountain town and keep the population of old people, hippies and ginger kids to a manageable level.

Fire Pro Wrestling finally provides a venue for your Xbox Avatar to contribute to the relationship, rather than just wiggle on-screen every time you pass it by. Though we found the game to be a bit simple and generic, you can’t beat the price for the novelty.

As always, these bundles go quickly. If you have a desire to be a hero, head here to snag this before it’s gone.