Controversial survival horror, AMY has received a title update this week. The game did not get the best start on XBLA, being universally panned by game reviewers then receiving more bad publicity following a knee-jerk response by their PR that the game may simply be too hard for most gamers. However developers VectorCell hope to turn their fortunes around with the new update that appears to address many of the complaints that reviewers experienced:

– the last checkpoint you reach is now saved (instead of going back to the beginning of the chapter)
– the syringes remain in the inventory after a checkpoint is reached
– Amy’s Powers remain available after a checkpoint is reached
– the Combat camera has been removed
– most sequences can now be skipped
– the ingame brightness has been improved

The patch was tested both by players who enjoyed and disliked AMY in it’s original state, and according to the game’s Facebook page, the feedback given for the update appears to be positive. Currently AMY sits with a 25% metacritic score and here at XBLA Fans we rated the game a “Skip It”, but does AMY warrant a second look now? Let us know what you think and if you’ve tried the new patch.

Source: Facebook