Zen Studios’ Mel Kirk, vice president of marketing and public relations, has confirmed that another four-pack of tables is coming as DLC for the developer’s Marvel Pinball. The Avengers, World War Hulk, the Infinity Gauntlet and Fear Itself will make up the quartet of digital pinball tables included in the content pack that will be titled Avengers Chronicles. Kirk’s statements substantiated what appeared to be a Game Informer article betraying the pack’s existence that hit the internet over the weekend.

The manner through which these particular motifs were chosen for this fourth downloadable grouping (a couple of four-packs and a two-pack were previously released) is detailed in the Game Informer piece. “The customers liked the tables based on characters, but they wanted to see some variety,” Neil Sorens, creative director at Zen, explained to Game Informer. “The storylines are a way of providing that.”

To that end, Game Informer noted that the foursome is based on specific comic characters but also on fan favorite comic book events. In addition, the Avengers table will be directly tied to this summer’s motion picture adaptation. Marvel Pinball players will be able to scratch their superhero flipper itch when the DLC releases this May. Gamers craving even more Marvel silver ball action can also look forward to Doctor Strange and Civil War tables at some future date after Avengers Chronicles becomes available.

Downloadable content wasn’t the only topic that Zen chose to discuss. Kirk revealed that the team is expanding to new platforms; they are cranking away at Wii U, Vita, Windows Mobile 7 and PC iterations of Zen Pinball. As if all of that wasn’t enough, he also slipped in there the fact that Pinball FX 3 is in development. Upgraded tutorials and tournament structures are in the works along with more social connectivity aspects and a meta-game progression system. Development is still in its infancy at this point, and Kirk believes the third game in the series won’t be completed for at least a year.

Zen isn’t losing sight of the fans who got them to where they are today while working on all these new projects: the sequel will follow its predecessor’s lead and allow for the importing of any content that series vets bought in the past. The thinking behind that strategy is that the community can stay cohesive, rather than being sliced up by the various releases.

Source: Zen Studios Forum