Windows 10 and Xbox One streaming

Playing games from the comfort of other devices in one’s own home holds promise in itself if implemented properly, and with the Xbox One aiming to be the all-in-one device for everybody in the house, potential issues could arise.  For example, if a family uses the Xbox One as both a gaming system and television box, but an individual is using the box to stream games to the computer, those who want to watch television would be inconvenienced. Luckily, Microsoft is working hard to avoid this drawback.

In answering Twitter questions following the Windows 10 announcement, head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that his team is working to allow for simultaneous use of Xbox One to PC streaming and television viewing.  He noted that the feature may not be available right out of the gate, but that every effort is being made to push this capability out as soon as possible.  Not only will the Xbox One to PC streaming cut the metaphorical cord, allowing users to play anywhere in the house on a number of connected devices, but it will also essentially extend the usefulness of the console by allowing for two of its features to be used in their entirety without regulating one to the snap window.

Source: @XboxP3 via VG 24/7