Game demos have been sparse thus far on the Xbox one. This may be due to the fact that the trial and unlock feature on the Xbox 360 was not available for the One. There are many demos available for the Xbox 360 that you can immediately purchase within the app or game. That same availability is now possible on the Xbox One. Microsoft has heard that many gamers and developers wanted this function, so they have responded by adding the feature.

Xbox’s Chris Charla is holding firm that all Xbox live games are “games”. The Xbox One does not have any current function to separate ID@Xbox games versus regular full titles for download. Microsoft does understand that players have requested a specific system to find only ID@Xbox games so they’re talking about adding that functionality while still maintaining the core value that all games are games on the Xbox one. If only there were a system like XBLA…

ID@Xbox games are really picking up steam at this point so we will see much more in the future when it comes to demos, trials, and in game purchases. XBLA Fans has already started reviewing many of the ID@Xbox games. The news that demos and purchases within the demo are available means gamers can try future titles out much more easily on the Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer