Xbox One November update

A brand new system update for the Xbox One is rolling out now, packed with plenty of fan-requested features. This will be the last major update this year, following 10 consecutive updates that released throughout 2014. This may be the year’s final update, but more feature-rich updates are planned for 2015.

Customization is a big part of the new update. You’ll now be able to set your background image, using either unlocked achievement art or your own imported images. You’ll also be able to customize your profile, letting you edit and display your location and bio. The brand new showcase feature lets you pick your favorite achievements and game clips and attach them to your profile, letting you show off your accomplishments to the world. If game clips are your thing, you’ll now be able to share them through Twitter if you have an account linked to your Gamertag.

Shopping for games has been simplified thanks to changes to the storefront. Navigation buttons are now easier to find, and store categories have been standardized. If you’re browsing the store on SmartGlass, Deals with Gold and Apps now have their own designated sections.

On the television side of things, a new trending tab has been added so you can see the most-watched televisions shows, updated every minute. You’ll also be able to see what shows are trending through Twitter. The mini-guide has been updated to display favorite channels, making it easier to find what you like.

The update includes some neat miscellaneous features. Internet Explorer can be used in snap mode, the console can be restarted through voice commands, and you can check the status of the latest console update. If you want to see some new features in action, Major Nelson gives a nice run-down of the update in the video below.

Source: Xbox Wire