A new update is rolling out to Xbox users today, and it’s a whopper. There’s some major changes to the overall appearance and layout, as well as some brand new features. A lot of stuff will be different once your Xbox finishes updating, so without further ado let’s go over the details.

Big changes have been made to the user interface. The home page has been re-organized to prioritize more valuable content. It will now be easier to view a community, create a group, and view achievements for games on your homepage. If you don’t have a background set, the Xbox will use the hero image of the game you’re currently playing. There’s also the new guide, which now appears when you press the center Xbox button on your controller. It overlays over the left side of the screen, and provides easy access to your pins and recently used games and apps. It provides shortcuts to your home and the store, allows you to control music from a number of apps, and change your game DVR settings. It also grants access to some new multitasking features, including screen overlays for Cortana or an achievement tracker.

The other big feature of the update is Beam, Microsoft’s new game streaming service. The service boasts extremely low latency, providing a viewer experience that is almost real-time. You’ll be able to start a stream right from the Guide, and interact with your audience through chat overlays. The Beam viewing app will also be added to your apps as part of the update.

But wait, there’s more. New accessibility options have been added for Magnifier and Narrator, available in the “Ease of Access” settings.There’s a new copilot feature, allowing two controllers to act as if they were one. New parental controls will allow you to limit screen time. The Blu-ray player now supports bitstream passthrough in all formats for native audio decoding, Today’s update has all this and more; to get all the details, be sure to check out Xbox Wire.