As summer is winding down, Microsoft is steadily releasing new info, almost on a daily basis, about some of the new features that are coming with the Xbox One. Marc Whitten, Corporate VP of the Xbox division at Microsoft, went on the Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) podcast over the weekend. Whitten explained how the current guide system will not be carried over to the Xbox One.

“The fun thing about 360 – and we’ve been doing this for a long time – is you had the dashboard and you had the Guide, but you couldn’t get to the rest of the dashboard because then you would leave your game behind,” said Whitten. “Now that it’s all one thing, and all of the power of Xbox is there right behind that Xbox button, ready for you to say ‘Xbox home,’ ‘Xbox resume game,’ your ability to go instantly in and out of that, it just changes how free you feel moving in between experiences.”

Larry Hyrb, as one would expect, already has his hands on an Xbox One and had this to say about his experience. “I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I became accustomed to the new dashboard and the fact that when I hit the Xbox button whatever I’m doing shrinks down, and all of a sudden there’s the whole dashboard,” said Hryb.

Whitten didn’t end there when it came to news. He also confirmed that the Xbox One GPU speed has improved since E3. Orginally clocking in at 800MHz, the final dev kits have now received a 6 percent increase to 853MHz. Dev kits are in the hands of developers and the Xbox One’s software is currently in internal beta with new builds being released almost daily.

Source: Major Nelson via Videogamer.com