xbox one controller

The April system update rolled earlier this week, adding even more features to the Xbox One. Party chat has been improved to make resolving common problems easier. The new troubleshooting guidance will tell users if their privacy settings or network issues are blocking communication.

Game hubs are also receiving some more attention. Hubs will be more visible in the activity feed, showing up whenever a friend follows a new game. Links to a hub can now be reached from the game’s achievement page. Speaking of achievements, achievement descriptions will now be a part of the unlock notification. If you still feel the need to open the app, performance updates have allowed it to load faster from notification.

Finally, What’s On is now available in the US, UK and Canada. If your Xbox One has been configured for OneGuide, the What’s On area will provide links to popular and trending games, movies, TV shows, and game broadcasts. A couple changes from the preview program, voice messaging and dedicated party chat servers, will remain in preview until they have been fine-tuned.

Source: Xbox Wire