Xbox One

The Xbox One is so powerful that it can track asteroids in space. According to Game Industry International, Xbox Engineering Manager Jeff Henshaw stressed the potential of Xbox One saying it is the equivalent of 10 Xbox 360’s as far as computational processing power.

Henshaw led a demonstration to show the raw power of Xbox One. The demo involved using real time data from NASA to track the orbital velocity of 40,000 asteroids in space. He also stressed the power of the cloud to increase that power.

“Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of servers and dozens of data centers geographically distributed all around the planet, and Xbox One has the ability to instantly tap in to that limitless computational horsepower,” Henshaw explained. With that extra cloud power, Microsoft is able “to take the number of asteroids from 40,000 to 330,000, and any device doing the computational math to realistically in real-time chart the orbital velocity of 330,000 asteroids would melt a hole in the ground, but Xbox One is able to do it without even breaking a sweat because it’s pulling in virtualized cloud computing resources.”

Source: Game Industry International