On Monday, November 9 Microsoft will announce the full list of 100 Xbox 360 games that will be first to become backwards compatible on Xbox One, says head of all things Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Unlike the Xbox 360, which was able to play certain original Xbox games from the start, the Xbox One of course launched sans backwards compatibility (BC) in November of 2013. A year and a half later, Spencer then surprised gamers this past E3 by announcing that the feature was coming this holiday season. Not everyone would have to wait that long to experience it, however; those Xbox One owners in the Preview Program were granted access to 23 of the first 100 BC titles

XBLA Fans readers can see which Xbox Live Arcade games were part of the advance BC preview and find our reviews of those games here.

Microsoft has polled fans as to which games they most wanted to appear on the list and received millions of votes. Not all games fans voted for will necessarily make the cut, however, since individual games still need to be approved by their developers and publishers.

Source: @XboxP3