If you’re wanting to race off-road or if you want to fight to survive the zombie apocalypse, XBLA Wednesday will help you through your time of need. First up, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad includes the famous racer and all different styles of racing offroad with rally cars and pro buggies. It also has a full career mode and multiplayer modes and will only set you back 800 MSP.

The surprise of this Wednesday is Episode 2 – Starved for Death, the next episode in The Walking Dead. See how your choices pan out with this new installment as you look for provisions in order to survive. This’ll cost you 400 MSP and remember to access it, you’ll need the first episode on your hard drive and you’ll be able to access the new episode from the menu of the game. Whether it’s shuffling zombies or shuffling turns offroad, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.