Do you want to save your uncle from another dimension or get revenge on Zuma? That’s todays pickings and some DLC on XBLA Wednesday this week. First up, from the mind of Kim Swift of Portal fame comes Quantum Conundrum, a new puzzle first-person platformer where you’ll control a variety of dimensions from fluffy to reverse gravity in order to save your uncle. We really liked it and it retails for 1200 MSP.

Next up, Zuma’s Revenge is a fun puzzle game where you shoot matching balls at the right ancient heads. New to this version is brand new spirit animals and up to 69 levels and only retails for 800 MSP. We also got some DLC for Babel Rising called Sky’s the Limit for 240 MSP. In case you want to get fluffy or get revenge on the gods, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.