We’ve got a double dose of Double Fine and something for your dancing shoes this week on XBLA Wednesday. First up, more a collection of activities than a videogame, Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater sees release with up to 18 activities to have fun with you and your Kinect, it’ll set you back 800 MSP. We also have another Kinect game called Rhythm Party that focuses on dancing but more rhythm-based than choreography-based, similar in tone to Elite Beat Agents and that’ll set you back 800 MSP. Closing off our double dose of Double Fine, we have DLC from our 2011 Game of the Year with Iron Brigade‘s Rise of the Martian Bear which has 5 new maps sprawled across Mars and will set you back 400 MSP. Whether it’s mobile trenches or Kinect hijinx, XBLA Wednesday has something for you.