Before we go marching on into the land of statistics… Yes the following figures are based on leaderboard data. No it’s not entirely accurate. It is, however, the best barometer we have. Onward!

It’s been a fine two months. We’ve seen the likes of Trials Evolution and Minecraft shatter records, Fez and The Walking Dead revitalise dusty genres and titles like Skullgirls and The Pinball Arcade bolstering genres with an already strong showing on XBLA. Not to mention Fable: Heroes, The Splatters and Anomaly Warzone Earth rounding out a special 8 weeks.

Rewind a little to April and actual sales data isn’t quite as cheery, at least not across the board. As usual, Gamasutra has the full rundown.

The first week of April saw the release of Pinball FX2 rival The Pinball Arcade, PC/mobile hit Anomaly Warzone Earth and curious Kinect title Diabolical Pitch. Diabolical Pitch fared worst, managing a paltry 573 sales in its inaugural week and a total tally of 1103 for the full month. Fairly dismal. The Pinball Arcade secured a positive critical reception and accrued just over 10,000 sales for the full month while Anomaly could muster only 3767, which may be due to the fact that it’s been available on several other platforms for well a year now.

The first heavy hitter of the month was Fez. Released on a Friday and riding on the back of unanimously strong reviews it notched 38,036 sales in its first few days on sale. Polytron’s whimsical puzzle-platformer clocked over 76,000 sales for the month but it’s interesting to note Gamasutra’s claim that “it’s no Braid in terms of numbers.”

Elsewhere that week, The Splatters and World Gone Sour managed less than 5000 sales between them. The Splatters felt like it would have been more suited to mobile devices while World Gone Sour was an advertisement masquerading as game, which may have contributing to the lacklustre figures.

The third week of April saw the long-awaited launch of Trials Evolution. RedLynx’s sequel broke XBLA records for most sales in a 24-hour period and whiskered past the 300,000 mark in its first week on sale, soaring on to a total of 436,201 for the month. That’s nearly 436 times more than Diabolical Pitch. A juggernaut no doubt, at least until Minecraft came along to dwarf it.

Finally there was Bloodforge, shackled by blue reviews it ended the month (and its first week on the marketplace) with 15,884 sales. Not bad by normal standards, as Gamasutra point out, but fairly low for a game featured as part of a Microsoft Promotion (Arcade Next).

Data for panned shooter Deep Black and episode one of The Walking Dead wasn’t available, although Gamasutra claims that the latter outsold Trials Evo in its second week on sale meaning it’s likely soaring well above the 100,000 mark.

For more in depth analysis, including data on XBLA DLC and further commentary on XBLA’s financial side, take a voyage to this Gamasutra page.