The Summer of Arcade continues this week with its second release, Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Developed by Vector Unit, HTH is the sequel to the original arcade title from Midway and retails for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). Hydro Thunder was a great multiplayer game during its time, and HTH looks to satisfy fans of the original with eight-player online, local, or both online and local multiplayer modes.

Here’s the full synopsis from

Hydro Thunder Hurricaneâ„¢ is the all new, full-featured sequel to the legendary arcade racer. Featuring rocket-powered speedboats blasting across amazing dynamic water, gorgeous visuals, and interactive environments packed with shortcuts and surprises, this is the adrenaline-drenched sequel fans have been waiting for. Pit your rocket powered speedboat against 15 opponents in single-player races and championships. Hone your speedboat skills in the new Ring Master and Gauntlet modes. Dive into intense multiplayer races with up to eight players over Xbox LIVE, up to four players locally, or even mix local and online games!”

Don’t forget that purchasing three Summer of Arcade games will earn you 400 Microsoft Points ($5), and purchasing all five of them will earn you a nice 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). Details for earning the extra points can be found here.

Check back soon for a full written review of Hydro Thunder Hurricane.